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Available 3:00 AM Tomorrow

I strongly believe I am the best coach in Smash by a solid margin. For some examples of now-top-players who I've previously coached to help them make SUBSTANTIAL improvements: -MkLeo (#1 Ultimate player who I've helped substantially starting 2016+, got him signed as MVG EchoFox in late 2016, months before leading up to Genesis 4/5/6 and Evo 2019 which he's champion of each), Tweet example of Evo 2019 coaching: and then another example is where I helped MkLeo go from losing 0-3 to Ken, to winning 3-2 to 3-0 in this video and this tweet following - , -Armada (since 2011+ we've talked a lot to help each other out competitively, he was #1 Melee player and was my Melee teammate for years, Evo 2015/2017 champ, debated as GOAT of Melee alongside Mango), -Sparg0 (since 2020+, he's #3 Ultimate player at the moment), Tweet example of a Metafy session he had with me - , and , -ZeRo (since 2011+ I've helped him substantially, starting in Brawl but also in Melee/PM/Smash4, he was/became the #1 Smash4 player, Evo 2015 champ, plays many games at top level which I've done much to help him with), -Wizzrobe (since 2016+, he's top Melee player, #1 Melee Falcon, plays many games at top level which I've done much to help him with, was my training partner often 2016+), for Tweet example. -Salem (since 2011+, he's Apex 2013 and Evo 2017 champ, was my training partner often 2016+ leading up to Evo 2017 for Smash4 as well as leading up to Apex 2013 in Brawl) I have been helping many people (the above is a small list of some of the greats) on a large scale for a very long time now (over a decade), but now I'm finally taking this as a serious job to help others improve as well. If you desire to be as great as possible, I can *definitely* help you get there. In my honest personal opinion (as well as the feedback I've gotten from a LOT of people), I'm the best and most knowledgable person to help people improve at Smash (of any skill level), whether it's to book direct coaching with me, talk with me, or simply to train with/against me (I will beat the bad habits out of you and force you to create good habits, usually telling you why certain things are bad or good, and how to improve them). I am extremely experienced in this, and I haven't had an unhappy customer yet with Metafy sessions of any kind as far as I'm aware of, and I've done close to a thousand sessions by now. I also recently added a cheaper VoD review (Replay Review) option as well, which I am very experienced at, and can be done at any convenient time (for both of us), so consider this option as well if you'd like your footage analyzed and I can tell you exactly what to improve and explain why, with timestamps included. This can be a very efficient option which I strongly recommend, both for overall improvement, written down and saved to easily remember, and if you're looking to see what you're doing wrong against specific players that can also be very useful (just specify in the timestamps). I love teaching people, training with people, and just playing fun games in general (which is why I added a Hangout option so you can play with me in pretty much any game if you'd like, even with your friends!). You can support me while also simultaneously massively improving yourself in Smash (or other games) at the same time with these, so Metafy is honestly my favorite thing in past several months, and is the main thing I do throughout 2021. I strongly recommend booking with me at least once if you want to improve as a competitive player, as this is most likely much better than whatever you're currently expecting. I am very straightforward and I will tell you how I think things are and the logic behind why for each thing you might ask of. Most tournament results in Esports - Multiple time Melee and Brawl world champion. Was #1 at Melee, Brawl, and Project M at different points in time. 3-0d Mango/Armada/Leffen/Hungrybox/ZeRo the same year. Can play/teach pretty much every character in Melee/Ultimate/Nickelodeon well. Twitch partner. Twitter verified. Nintendo Brand Ambassador. Co-owner of MVG League. a total nerd lol


Available 1:00 AM Tomorrow

I'm Paul Aka randomnoob. I'm an Ex-Professional Player turned Radiant-level VALORANT Coach. I've been Competing in online games at the highest of levels for over 20 years and I'm bringing that Experience to You! I have Coached T1/T2 Level Teams and have the experience and Skills to Coach any level of player, including you or your team! Let Me Introduce Myself: ***BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME IS THRU DISCORD*** Add me on Discord here: randomnoob#9526 Credentials: -Professional Coach for 2 years -Professional Player for 3 Years -Coached Hundreds of Players -Coached T1/T2 Competitve, College Varsity, And High School Level Teams -SoloQ Only to Radiant 6x Since Valorant Release -Won Multiple T1 Tournaments for Tens-of-Thousands of Dollars -Coached Some Current T1 Valorant Pros Including Purer, Ayrin, Thwifo, Andersin, and Roy(StrongLegs) -Can coach any Level of Player in Valorant as I'm Currently Radiant (Peak Rank Top 50 NA) -EXP Coaching High Level Valorant Teams (T1/T2 Level) Coaching Specialty's: -In-Game Strategy/Tactics -In-Game Mechanics/Aim/Movement -In-Game Communication/Mindset -In-Game Leading -How to Clutch like a Pro -Pre-Round Decision Making/Understanding Economy -Mid Round Decision Making/Adaptations -Solo/DuoQ Guide and How to Maximize your Rank -Teamplay and How To Improve your Team -Team Comps and How to Play the Comps Together -Out of Game Communication/Mindset -Out of Game Lifestyle/Physical Improvement -Out of Game Leading -Path to Pro and How To Reach Your Goals -Streaming/Youtube/Tiktok Tips and how to grow your Socials I've been competing in Games at the Top level since I've been 8 years old, I'm 29 now so that is more than 20 years of dedicated competitive experience! I have dedicated my life to competing against others at the highest of levels and I've learned everything I possibly can to achieve that goal. I'm here to pass that knowledge and more importantly, experience, onto you. I've won major tournaments as a player in Multiple Games/Sports, I've won tournaments as a coach, I've won tournaments as a MVP. I know what it takes to win, and I will develop a personally tailored training program for you whether you book 1 hour or 20 hours to help you win in anything you put your mind to. My goals are to improve you on any aspect of your game you see fit and in some aspects of your game you didn't even realize were a problem. Let's work together to improve you! Please contact me on Discord or thru Metafy with any questions, I'd love to talk to you before you book if you have any questions or concerns, Otherwise Book a Session and a Time that works best for you and I will contact you ASAP!


Available 4:00 PM Saturday

Hey, I'm Zach and I'm professional Pokemon TCG player, content creator, and tournament organizer. I've been coaching players since 2010 and have been a full-time coach since 2017. I've been able to help players learn how to play the Pokemon TCG, learn the core mechanics of the game, and expertly display deep strategies of the game. I've helped players earn their invites to the World Championships, win Regional Championships, International Championships, and even a World Championship win. If you're looking for a coach that can help you reach your personal goals in Pokemon TCG, I'm the coach for you. Don't let my tattoos or dyed hair intimidate you, I'm a respectful, easy-going, and informative coach that can help you get to where you wanna go. I've played Pokemon TCG at a high level since 2006 and I have since have entered a career as a full time Pokémon TCG player / creator/ I have won countless League Challenges, countless League Cups, a Regional Championship, a National Championship, and most recently I was crowned the Oceania International Finalist and Players Cup 2 Champion! I've been the highest ranked player in Canada throughout most of the years I've played and consistently since the 2017-2018 season to present. I'm able to take my experiences from playing the game at a global level and help my coaching clients at every level along the way! Since 2020 I've turned into a full-time content creator and tournament organizer which gives me a unique perspective on the game. As a content creator I'm able to showcase my knowledge of all available decks in any format to share with our community. What that means is that I'm able to pilot many different kinds of decks, understand more mechanics of the game, and I can use that gained info to share with my coaching clients. As a tournament organizer I get to observe tournament trends, watch endless amounts of gameplay, and it has allowed me to view the game from a different perspective. With all of that being said, I offer a refreshing take on the game and I'm sure I can teach you how to play Pokémon TCG better. The areas that I excel in are: deck building, sequencing, prize mapping, game planning, and general skill set growth. I've turned many players into top competitors and I'd love to help you on your journey!

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