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Hello! I'm known as Vendetta and I am currently the #1 Ken main in the world. With consistent placings at my locals/regionals, I have wins on players such as Kola, Fatality, Goblin, Light, WaDi, RFang, ScAtt and many more! Did I mention I got top 8 at my very first Ultimate major?! That's right! Glitch Infinite was my first Ultimate major that I attended and I placed 7th! I'm ready to spread my knowledge not only with these characters, but the g... Read more

Testimonials (14)

  • “In just one lesson, Vendetta opened my eyes to aspects of the game I hadn't thought about!”

    Sam Salit

  • “I played Terry for over 200 hours and vendetta was able to point out things about the character I never knew. Extremely Knowledgeable is well appointed here.”

    Aldrich St.Claire

  • “I purchased coaching as a gift for a Terry player friend. He absolutely loved it! Vendetta was super easy to work with, very professional. Excellent! 10/10”

    Aaron Trembath

  • “I was impressed with Vendetta's depth of knowledge about the game and ability to explain scenarios in a clear and understandable way. Great coach!”


  • “Very informative and easy to work with answered all my questions and helped me to understand the game better as a whole it was a great experience!”


  • “Super observant and gives tips for how to change bad habits into strengths. Very nice and chill. Would love to practice again.”

    Tommy Nguyen

  • “I've been fortunate to have selected Vendetta as my coach. He's an expert on Kazuya and has been extremely helpful in improving my skills with the character. Vendetta's in-depth knowledge and targeted advice have been invaluable, and he's also great at teaching mental preparation and game strategy. I highly recommend him as a coach.”

    the iCloud

  • “Vendetta was very informative and thorough throughout the session. Spent time to learn what I was hoping to get out of it and focused on that, as well as other areas of opportunity. Very happy with my session and plan to book more with him in the future!”


  • “In just two days, Vendetta instantly improved my performance with Ryu with the Akuma Package. I can actually see myself getting better now, and my tournament results are getting way better!”


  • “Very nice guy! Seems to be very passionate about what he's teaching to players that want to improve at the game. A really animated and energetic individual.”


  • Available 3:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $25

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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