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Hi my name is AbsorbentKarma. I was a competitive Rocket League player from 2016 up until 2021. As of now I have 8000+ hours in the game, with around 2000 of them being analysis of replays either for myself or for other high level players. I have also consistently been in the top 100 every year since 2018 peaking at top 2 in the world in 3v3. My focus on coaching is mostly on trying to find the most efficient way to get a person to achieve their... Read more

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  • Live Sessions starting at $10
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Rocket League

Rocket League

4 lessons

Live sessions

This is an option mainly for high level players who want to improve to get to SSL or become a competitive player (Bubble/Pro player). We would be discussing your goals in the game, and I would give u a plan to follow for your improvement while going over a replay. This is an individual session focused on personal improvement.


$15.00 USD

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