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Hey, I'm Akemi, a professional individual and team coach, coaching all roles and champions. Whether you are looking to reach a particular rank or unlock your full potential as a player - I'm the right person to guide you! ✨5 years of getting people to their dream rank and over 50,000 hours of coaching experience. ✨Previously Head coach for NRAX Esports grandmaster-challenger team. ✨Coach for Proguides since 2019 ✨Master tier player with experie... Read more

Testimonials (6)

  • “Every session with Akemi is extremely valuable. She always find things I could and need to focus on more, what went wrong in my games and just how I could have been performing better on my champ. She excels with her knowledge about the game, focusing on what and how I could improve and helps me getting there with coming up with different exercises and ways to track progress. She is extremely professional, brings a good and comfortable atmosphere to the sessions and makes me feel like she always gives 200% for her students. I can definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to seriously improve!”


  • “Akemi has Great knowledge of the game and has helped me reach my goals. Highly recommend her if you want a good coach who truly knows how to teach.”


  • “I have been coached by Akemi for the past few months and I can confidently say that she is an exceptional League of Legends coach. She encouraging and supportive (even for starting players like me), but she also places a strong emphasis on fundamentals to help to build a strong foundation for future growth. One of the things that stands out about Akemi is the attention to specifics in her game feedback. She takes the time to thoroughly analyze my gameplay and provides in-depth, actionable advice on how to improve every game. I recommend her to anyone wanting to get better at League. She's dedicated, knows her stuff, and really cares about helping her students succeed.”


  • “I absolutely loved my coaching with Akemiii! I'm a beginner League player but have friends who have been playing for years, so I wanted to ramp up my knowledge as quickly as possible. I was worried I was too much of a beginner to make the coaching worthwhile, but she's helped me so much in building good habits, helping me figure out which basics I should focus on first, and then slowly increasing the level of detail and complexity as I got a handle on the pieces. She's fantastic at tailoring her coaching to the level that I'm capable of absorbing and applying, and never overwhelms me with too much information, and leaves me with a manageable priority list of what to focus on next. On top of that, she's kind and patient and fun to talk to!”


  • “Excellent ADC coach - highly reccomend! Broke down champ select and rune setup in an easily understandable way, as well as pointing out key flaws in my gameplay that I could work on! The feedback given was clear and informing - exactly what I was looking for in a coach!”


  • “Wonderful coach! Very indepth and takes time to explain things very explicitely. I was mid gold on first coaching and a few months later mid/high plat. 200% recommend if you want to gain elo and have a coach who knows what quality coaching looks like and can offer it!”


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League of Legends

League of Legends

5 lessons

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In this session we will go over a recording of your gameplay, ideally recorded from your perspective as you played with OBS or any other free software. We will go over everything step by step - champion choice, runes, items, early game planning, laning phase performance, trading, warding, jungle tracking, optimizing recalls, snowballing leads, mid & late game lane assignment, t... Read more
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