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Hey guys, I'm an EU challenger toplane player since season 8. I started off as a Riven onetrick and I did this for 3 years, and later on I expanded my champion pool and got picked up to play for SK Gaming prime. I love to win lane and playing resourceful champions that can take over the game such as Riven. To be able to get in the position to solo carry a game, you need good fundamentals and understanding of the game, and this is what I want to... Read more

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In this session you'll upload 2-3 Sessions with your POV on youtube and send them to me when the session starts together with your Use an app like outplayed gg to record and upload vods easily. I want to see your POV so that it is easier to scout where you're making mistakes and we'll go over the games together. Make sure to choose a VOD that is not a stomp, as they'r... Read more


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