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NEW STUDENTS USE CODE "ANXIETAY-NEW" FOR 20% OFF! You can be sure that I know every aspect of coaching. Whether you're new to the game, a highly skilled player, a full team, streamer, 15 years old or 60; working with me will not only be enjoyable, but with time will result in improvements and ranking up. I have consistently place at least top 32-64 in 200+ team tournaments, I have competed both alongside and against professional players and h... Read more

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  • “He was very well spoken with my VOD review and had better insight in the technical side of Halo than I have seen in 95% of players or coaches. Great passion and dedication towards the betterment of his students as well has me really excited for future sessions.”


  • “Was very thorough with telling me everything I need to work on, and explaining to me how each of those things are beneficial, and how each of my mistakes I currently make are hurting my gameplay. Was always to the point with his explanations and even asked me a few times if I knew the answer to his question, for example: "Do you know what you did wrong in this situation?" and "What should you have done instead?" I overall very much enjoyed both my free evaluation, and the live private coaching session. Really made me feel like he cared as much about my improvements as I do. I'm definitely going to be scheduling more sessions in the near future. :)”

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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

7 lessons

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This is a session to get to know each other. Ask me anything and by the end we'll determine what lessons and plans suit you



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