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My name is Brandon "Article" Le and I'm a Competitive Halo Player that's been around the scene for 20 years. I got into Halo eSports in Halo 2 but started attending LANs and HCS Events in 2016. During my time of competing I've had Great success in the FREE-FOR-ALL scene, Placing Top 3 throughout multiple Halo titles, as well as great experience in the 4v4 scene. Teaming with Pro status players and having that experience is a great reference to fa... Read more


  • Available 11:00 PM Monday
  • Live Sessions starting at $25


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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

6 lessons

Live sessions

1 on 1 game-time where we will play matchmaking together and go over each game we play ; Giving my insight and feedback on how to help you become a better player going forward.


$25.00 USD