My name is Ky - pronounced as Kai. I am a coach for Apex Legends. I have coached multiple people ranging from just mechanical and individual skills. Helping them get to their desired ranked with the sky being the limit. And I have coaching players to become the best version of themselves to get into Apex competitive. I dont believe anyone is too late to learn anything and that anyone is gifted to become competitive players. We all had to start from somewhere and I was a player that started on a KD less than 0 taking into account that I am a day 1 player. I have over 4000 hours in this game but I spent every single hour trying to better myself. I don't believe everyone learns the same way so I use different coaching techniques depending on how everyone learns the best. I started competing last year and have been on multiple teams. But with a new formed team we managed to become the 53rd EU team based on CC points. But for CCs split 2 I have returned with a full female team that is statistically the number 1 full female team in EU based on CC points - and making semis on our first performance together. My coaching experience allows me to see things ahead. I can already tell whether you survive a situation or how a situation is gonna go before it even happens. I analyse a lot of things including positioning, decision making, mental, movement, and peaking fundamentals. I have been coaching for the past 6 months and currently have a brand new EU team that is trying to get into competitive together. I have helped a few players go from being hard stuck gold to being Master players currently. Helping a few people start reaching higher KDs. coaching people that are trying to start using new characters. I have a lot of experience using a lot of characters and being in different roles. And can always give a tip or two about anything you might ask about. I came from console meaning I have always been on controller. I studied a lot of things like tracking without aim assist, movement, and peaking techniques. I have also managed to pick the perfect sens for every single student I had and can always do the same for anyone! I have a strong sense of someone's playstyle and the way they use their controller and would be able to figure out the best sens that they can use. I have played every single sens myself and can always give extra support using my experience in that. Everyone learns differently and I always try to input that into my coaching style. I try to understand how a person gets the most information out of my session and work with them. A student I had learned best when he saw examples. And whenever I would give tips on competitive I would have an example ready of something from my own tournaments and show it to them. I would let them keep the video if they wanted to reflect on it too. No matter how it is you learn the best I would be able to accommodate with that! A usual session would be that we would hop on a call together and watch through your vods. Whether you want to send them to me and I can share my screen or if you only have them on your computer and would prefer to share your screen yourself it would be fine. I would watch through everything and determine where you might improve on a few things. Look through diagrams and examples. Might show you something in game and make sure you manage to do it yourself. But besides the usual session I could also accommodate in any other ways. Whether you share your screen live and play while I watch over you. Or that we go into a game together and try to figure out a few things. I am very flexible with the way I coach and just want to make sure you're comfortable with whatever it is that we're doing.

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