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Hello! I'm Bboy Broccoli - Bboy because I'm a break-dancer and broccoli cause i started gaming with a team of vegetables. I am a Warzone Coach and Top 0.01% Player as well. I started playing warzone since it's release. Dropping 30 bombs on a regular basis, even had hackers calling me a hacker lol... -My coaching experience & what makes me different: Having a total of 1000+ coaching sessions, a degree in a sports education, and methodology of c... Read more

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone

9 lessons

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All of the basics for FPS generally and Cod specifically will be covered, giving an insight on skills which include 1. Rotations 2. Line of sight 3. Positioning 4. Waiting to fire 5. Decision Making 6. Passive Vs Aggressive 7. Team Play Tactics 8. Movement Mechanics 9. Aim Mechanics 10. Angle Holding 11. Tactical and Lethal Different Usage 12. How to get high kill games 13. H... Read more
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