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Bobby 'stamina' Eitrem

Professional CS:GO In-game Leader



Hey guys! My name is Bobby or stamina, and I'm a 23 year old North American CS:GO professional who has been competing & In-Game Leader since 2014. Within my career I have acted as an IGL, primary AWP, and a coach! I have a ton of experience working with & building up all different types of talent. Whether you're looking to become a better entry fragger, lurker, IGL, or AWP player, I'm here to help! Book a session with me today and I'm sure you wi... Read more

Testimonials (9)

  • “Great CS:GO coach! He taught me essential aim and recoil control techniques, answered my questions thoroughly. Highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

    Erik S

  • “Very Knowledgeable & in-depth Explanations if there is something you'd like to know or figure out He is the coach for you! Helped develop and refine my role!”

    Adrian Ortiz-rivas

  • “Stamina really helped me understand some of the important aspects of the game that I was overlooking. He gave me some great guidance to help me step up my game.”


  • “Stamina is an amiable guy, which I felt right off the bat. If you're not as experienced in CS, the things he will teach you definitely will be a game-changer. Recommended for anyone trying to understand the game more in-depth, and if you want to get better at destroying your opponents.”


  • “The sessions were extremely insightful and he does a great job of explaining the concepts so all levels understand.”


  • “Stamina's IGL course is amazing, I learned about fundamentals of leading, how to build offense and defense, and communication. All critical for IGLing!”


  • “very nice guy with tons of knowledge. Teaching style is thorough and efficient. Team and I will be back for more sessions in the future!”


  • “Fantastic value for money! Demo review that was a 1 hour long detailed video.”

    james price

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Within the live 1on1, the floor is yours--any questions, any nades, any strats, any setups YOU NAME IT, I've got you! We will dive into your role and what your duties are in such role and work out all of the do's & don'ts! You have a few options. We touch on multiple maps, multiple ideas, etc. I could watch you play a live game & critique you in the moment. Or we could simply ... Read more


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