Hey! My name is boopie (or chels), and I'm a current game changers semi-pro with multiple successes and I have experience in a higher level of gameplay that extends from ranked valorant to professional play. I am here to create a safe space and a viable stepping stone to any and all ranks and players. Through my extensive game knowledge, I am able to share some of it with you, including and not limited to, set-ups, lineups, and general game sense. I have coached a variety of students, each at a different level of gameplay so I will be able to adapt to any learning styles that are necessary for you, as long as you're willing to put in the work! From my sessions, you can expect in-depth and personally tailored goals and tips in order to improve the specific targets for the allotted time. I have experience with a majority of agents, so I can help resolve multiple playstyle issues and agent errors. I don't sugarcoat, so you can expect straightforward goals and improve from there. Here are some things you can expect to improve from my sessions: - Mechanics (Aim/Movement) - Comms/Teamplay - Game sense and decision making - Role development - Catering your playstyle toward your role - Consistency and confidence - Leading your team - How to create a healthy mental and more :)

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