Brent Tonisson

Brent Tonisson



Hey, I'm Brent and I play Pokemon TCG at the highest level, finishing Rank 1 in the world for the 2023-2024 season. I have helped many players get Worlds Invites in the past, whether it be through deck advice or helping them better understand the theory behind the game or current meta. I offer the option to get feedback on a game you played, discuss a deck/metagame for a tournament or 1 on 1 coaching where we can playtest, cover theory or have a deck and meta discussion. I'm confident I can help you reach your goals at the game, whether it be making Day 2 at an event or qualifying for the World Championships! If you have any further questions or need to chat about goals and plans, message me on Discord, Twitter or Metafy.

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Pokemon TCG Coaching

Within this session, we can either play some games where I give live feedback and analysis on the game state, discuss the metagame or decks, or general theory of the game.

1 Session 1 hour

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