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My goal is to help you understand why you are losing games and build the necessary skills to improve quickly. Through this we will enhance your overall understanding of the game theory within the Pokemon Trading Card Game. In addition to my experience playing and coaching Pokemon TCG, I hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. I have extensive experience in teaching, coaching, and directing roles with children and adults of all ages.


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How to Succeed in Competitive Pokémon TCG

Intro I have been playing the Pokemon TCG off and on for a very long time with varying levels of dedication over the years. Along the way I have noticed specific points in my growth as a player. Today I want to talk about the period of time where I feel that I went from an average player that would do well at a City Championships or get a decent placement at a Regional Championship to a player that began winning money, getting world’s invites, and Day 2’ing events. This involved a journey of self-discipline, self-awareness, and discovering the proper preparation and practice techniques. Previous to the Transition The last time that I came back to the game from a break was the summer of 2016 around when Steam Siege was released - I have been in the competitive scene without breaks since then. Prior to this I was in and out of Pokemon every 4-6 months for many years with little time and money to actually dedicate to it since I had other priorities, and while I wanted to do the best I could I accepted that I

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30 minutes


Informed Preparation and Proper Practice are the keys to reaching your goals.
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Live 1:1 sessions are calls with the expert during which they share their wisdom with you as you play.

Pokémon TCG

Pokémon TCG

Pokémon TCG

Pokémon TCG

5 lessons
We will play ptcg live, limitless tabletop, or webcam tabletop and I will offer advice and critique during and after the game.
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