Chali basically taught me superglides in 15 minutes. If somewhere was a problem/ i couldnt quite get to it, Chali found a way and broke it down so i could learn it." - SoppaPens. As a movement coach, I have helped 3,000+ students just like you take their movement to heights unimaginable. From bot movement to super glides and tap strafes to astounding your friend (Or embarrassing him in a 1v1 literally my favorite part). I've gotten over 100 one-on-one coaching sessions and am dedicated to show there's more to apex than pointing and shooting. Here's my student reviews: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ssKS-VQytEGpcKl6C7hxxYdQKDsBm9puVYknaOiZq-s/edit?usp=sharing

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