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Hey everyone, I'm Charlie! I've been playing Pokémon TCG competitively since 2012 and I'm well-known for building and playing many unique decks to success. If you're interested in more than just learning how to play a certain deck better and want to learn to build your own decks, I can teach you all the skills you need to get better at deck construction, ideation, list iteration, and of course how best to play these decks at the highest level. I also write articles about Pokémon TCG decks for Poké if you're interested in reading my material. Outside of Pokémon, I'm currently a junior in college studying Computer Science at Rice University in Houston, TX.

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Deck Discussion/Review

Have any questions about a deck you've been working on? Interested in a fun concept you came up with but don't know where to start when building a decklist? This is the perfect session for you! Come prepared with anything from an idea to various decklists you'd like advice on, and I'll take you through my condensed deck building process in 30 minutes to help get your concept off the ground or improve the list you came prepared with!

1 Session 30 mins
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Coaching Consultation

A free introduction into my services and what I can offer you as a player! I will talk with you about your interests and goals within the game, then give you a plan for how I can best help you improve. This is free and recommended for everyone interested in my services!

1 Session 30 mins
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Coaching Session w/ Gameplay

This is my standard coaching session option; we will use this hour to play games (any matchup you want), talk about lists, and generally do whatever we see fit to help you meet your goals!

1 Session 1 hour

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