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My name is Chimanzy/Chim/Ethan - I am currently the Coach for Altiora's Tier 2/Contenders Team! I have extensive experience coaching players and teams from silver to Top 500/4500+. I've coached all the heroes in the game at all levels and have worked with countless players both short term and long term. I've watched many of my students climb shortly after our coaching session(s)/throughout our set improvement plans. Together, we will go over a... Read more

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  • “You can tell he knows what he's talking about. Let me know what I could do better as a T500 player. If your advanced this is a good coach to go with.”

    Surfer As always

  • “I really appreciated this lesson overall. All my questions were answered that I wrote for long & short term goals. My goals are more clearer now on improvement.”


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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

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