Hi, I'm Clicke, an Argentinian professional esports coach. I've been playing Siege since 2018 and it's now been 3 years since I got involved in esports professionally, both as a coach and a player. I've coached several Tier 1 teams, and competed myself in lower tier leagues and peaked Champion 500 MMR. I've also reached Immortal 3 in Valorant, and I'm currently Challenger in League of Legends in 2 different regions.

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Live session

We'll review your OP.GG and try to set up a goal in mind, then I'll ask you to play a live ranked game, after the game we'll do a brief VOD review of the game analyzing errors, covering patterns, and/or mistakes, to learn from them and better your gameplay.

1 Session 1.5 hours
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Live session and review

We'll do a live game, then review it and I'll be explaining what you can do better to improve. Usually we will go through how to improve your aim, map knowledge, macro and operator mastery

1 Session 1.5 hours
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VOD Review

Full review of a match of your choosing, commenting on your Macro, Micro and the theory behind mechanics in League

1 Session 1 hour

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