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Hello there! I'm Cole and I currently coach all kinds of players from brand new all the way to Top 32-24 (Rank A) NA RLCS and Top 5 SAM RLCS players+teams! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I use many different top level coaching techniques/methods that are proven to be the most efficient and vastly speed up improvement and consistency! -------------------------------------------... Read more

Testimonials (14)

  • “Coach Cole, where do I start. He wants to make you a better player and he gave me a daily routine to warm up with! He wants to make everyone he coaches better.”


  • “Coach Cole was wonderful to work with. He helped me identify a major weakness in my game. But outside of Rocket League, the mental coaching truly carries into real life. The habits he helps you form for your daily routine whether it be better sleep, working out, or eating better, it all carries over into how you play. I can’t recommend Cole enough and guarantee he will help you improve your game.”


  • “1H session, he reviewed my replay gave me tips and training routine. I'm super happy because I was able to learn new things that will make me faster and smarter”


  • “Had a 1 hour session today and i’m very new to the game, what he had to say and the things he instructed were very helpful. I am already seeing progress.”


  • “I got two mental coaching sessions from Cole so far, and I've learned so much from those sessions. It's not one of those sessions where you get told obvious things like not blaming your teammates or doing a replay analysis. Rather, you learn a lot of less-known or hidden things that massively contribute to both your short-term and long-term growth. I'd highly recommend getting mental coaching from him!”


  • “My gameplay has greatly improved in Rocket League thanks to Coach Cole! His coaching has helped me achieve my highest ranks ever. Very knowledgeable when it comes to game sense and awareness. I believe that anyone who is considering receiving coaching to improve your gameplay, give Coach Cole a try! You won't be disappointed! Just a solid coach!”


  • “Just wrapped up my first session and I'm hooked! A fountain of knowledge and technical know-how, Coach Cole was spot-on with detailed instructions on becoming the nuttiest of the nutty; I just have to start walking down the path he's laid before me. I can hardly wait to conquer the routines and take on the next step! And it wasn't just a session of someone trying to show off. Coach knows what he's doing *and* how to explain it in a way that's not intimidating or off-putting at all. 5/5 Will deffo recommend”

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  • “just had my first session with Coach Cole and it was great he is a very likeable and easy to laugh with person and he is very good at pointing at what you are doing wrong 10/10 would recommend!”


  • “CoachCole is a very funny cool guy who showed me what I was doing wrong. Through his coaching, I will rise very fast in rank. If you want to quickly find out what's going wrong I definitely recommend CoachCole!”

    drakje 1611

  • “My coaching session with Cole was great. We first started talking about my game (strengths & weaknesses) and then talked about warm up routine, which I was using one but have since altered and already see a difference. We then went into replay review where he pointed out micro mistakes that turn into macro effects. Overall was a great learning experience and will be getting another coaching session from him!”


  • “I'm a master tier player in league of legends who recently got coached by Cole for mentality. Before getting coached I had a very negative outlook on the game and was really toxic to myself when I couldn't get past plateaus. I never really knew before getting coached that my routines outside the game had an impact on my gameplay. It was enlightening to learn that my problems are common and I'm not alone. I have a long way to go to have a healthier mindset with the game but this was a very good first step for me in better understanding my issues. He was very passionate about what he talked about and gave me another perspective on what I could do when I lose a game. I will surely come back in the future to update my progress.”


  • “My experience with Coach Cole, was great! He started off the coaching asking me about my gameplay, pros/cons and what I wanted to improve on. we played a couple matches then reviewed the replays. The replays were very detailed and simple. I would 100 percent recommend Coach Cole to anyone.”


  • “Hi Metafy just wanted to tell you that coach Cole is a great coach. If you are ready to take you rocket league gameplay to the next level. Come ready to relearn your fundamentals; atleast for me my gameplay was terrible(still am). I needed a lot of help. Drop your ego come to him as a student he helped me get out of diamond; helped me stay out of diamond. He helped me hold champ1 one now I hold champ 2 ez and I am confident in a season or or two I hope to be gc. Also do what he says it wasn’t until I start doing his training routines that I started making extremely good progress. Anyways give coach a shot u wont regret it. What a save!!!!!”


  • “Coach Cole Was Really Great, He Helped Me with The Controls And My Cam And Helped Me With Some Skills, I Leave Him 5 Stars”


  • Available 6:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $15
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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