Hello there ! I'm Coach Cook, 28 years old and I've been coaching on League of Legends for 3 years. I have trained teams in France (La Grosse Ligue, MNT and currently LFL2) and international leagues (Prime League, MENA), as well as many students individually (more than 50 players between Diamond and Challenger). Rich of these experiences, I have developed my skillset to make it complete : Macro : - Map pressure - Wave management - Objectifs neutres - Vision - Roaming - Jungle pathings / tracking Micro : - Matchups - Spacing - Trading patterns - Teamfights Training routine : how to become a real champion? - Development/performance balance - Time and energy management - Champion pool I can also work with coaches to help them improve their knowledge on all of the previous topics, but also on coaching methodologies, draft preparation, scouting, etc. Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss what we can build together, you won't regret it !

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