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Hey there I am Coach Zeke! I have been an active member of the Smash Bros Community for over 10 years now. I considered one of the first freelance coaches in the space. I have worked with over 1000 unique players across the globe. I initially began as a player like many others, but due to physical limitations on my hands I began focusing on helping others grow after local players to where I grew up spent time teaching me how to learn to improve.... Read more

Testimonials (2)

  • “Been a student of Zeke's for a long while now. Even though he hasn't coached in a while, he's returned to form with no issues. Would definitely recommend”


  • “Zeke has always been a great coach, comes around immediately with answers that are very helpful and digs deep to get a better understanding of you as a player”


  • Available 5:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $35
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

2 lessons

Live sessions

During your lesson, you can choose to either play me on Wifi or analyze a prerecorded set, in which we will dissect and discuss your gameplay. Following each of these, you will be given a write-up of important notes and a general summary of the lesson
Session quantity Price
2 - 3 10% off
4+ 25% off


$35.00 USD

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Rivals of Aether

Rivals of Aether

2 lessons

Live sessions

Replay reviews