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Ex-Pro / Full-time coach. I've competed in the first LCS qualifier ever back in season 3 (2013) to most recently being the first Amateur team eliminating an LCS org from Proving Grounds tournament (CLG). Climb quickly and fine tune your skills with me to catch the league scouts' eyes or impress your friends. I'm a veteran in the scene, i've competed in esports events from Coach to player to manager to owner. Take the fast-path to betterment a... Read more

  • Available 2:00 PM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $40

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League of Legends

League of Legends

5 lessons

Live sessions

This session includes: - Brief consult where we discuss strengths, weaknesses and goals BEFORE the session. - Patch meta summary with champion list for specific role / style. - Quick drills with specialty vods catered to your needs to immediately implement in next game. - Go over tools that help your pre-game setup / mechanics / skillshotting and runes + itemization. - Live vi... Read more
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2 5% off
3 - 4 10% off
5+ 20% off


$85.00 USD

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