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My name is Jake! I am a professional Halo coach continually placing top 8 for 3 years in my position and have been competing near the top of the Halo scene for the past 7 years. As an avid competitor, I have dedicated countless hours to hone my skills on performance, understanding the Macro and Micro meta that exists, and developing new ways to get a competitive edge both in and out of game. My passion for Esports has allowed me to interact with ... Read more

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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

4 lessons

Live sessions

This 60 minute session is aimed at newer players who are looking to quickly improve their competitive understanding of Halo Infinite and this includes FPS fundamentals. I will begin the session by personally getting to know you and understand your wants and needs as a player. We will review a VoD of your choice and set out simple but effective goals to assist you on your path t... Read more
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$25.00 USD

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