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Hey you! My name is Rens also known as Crxnk (Crank). I'm 27 years old and with over 5000 hours of FPS & IGL experience over the course of 10 years in games as Counterstrike & Valorant. I always competed at a semi-professional level against some of the best players in Europe in both Tournaments and Competitive playlists. As as player I competed in early Valorant tournaments like First Strike (ro128), VCT (ro128), Razer Invitational (ro16) and t... Read more

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  • “I bought a personalized 1 on 1 live session with Crxnk, before the game started we were having a nice chat while I did some deathmatches & asked me some questions like what my favourite maps were, what role / agent I play etc. When the game started he explained some things to me like ''They have a sage & you don't, so it will be hard to plant without showers controll since theres no sage wall to cover the plant. While I was playing he was telling me some stuff about what's smart to do, but mostly he talked in buy phase about trips, gameplan, taking the initiative & things like where to place my cam for map control and clearing things like showers & long. After the game, we rewatched the game that I played and he was giving me great explanations about what I did wrong, what I did right & what I could've done better. After that, he hopped into a custom game and screenshared to show me things like Cypher setups & even KJ setups on ascent even though I didnt play ascent. He also made a google docs about: Things I have to check before the round, things I should focus on more, good cypher / sentinel tips & things I did right. Overall Crxnk has helped me understand the game more & helped me improve especially on the sentinel role. Session happened to be over 1 hour more but he was totally chill about it and very kind.”


  • “first does a lil chat with you what u think u need to improve on and how your day has been going. Very kind and patient coach. Crxnk Has a strong analyze ability and does understand what you need to improve, to elevate your gameplay. would recommend a coaching session from Crxnk!”


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Not sure if I am the right coach for you? Please book this 30 minute free of charge consulation session so we can meet eachother and to find out how I am able to help you. At the end of this session you should have a good overview what I can offer and how I can add value to your gameplay in my paid lessons.



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