Smash Ultimate Coach / Top Roy



I have been playing Smash on and off since I was 4 and I first heard of the competitive scene at age 12 during Brawl Wi-Fi days. My first offline tournament was in 2015 at age 14. I've been at this for a minute. I understand most, if not all, of the fundamental aspects to the game. I'm one of the few Brawl veterans still pushing results in this age. Book a sesh w/ me and I'll teach you how to properly play this game. 😉

  • Available 9:00 PM Friday
  • Live Sessions starting at $10
  • flexible Cancelation Policy


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

5 lessons

Live sessions

Will play 1-on-1 online for 60 minutes. During this session, I will be able to help with fundamental understanding, maneuverability, movement patterns, micro-interactions, point out general player habits, and help answer any questions you may have about the game.


$25.00 USD