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Support me here through a membership! Get exclusive guides, videos, and credit for coaching! Every lesson will be recorded, just ask me for the VOD and I will upload it & send it right away! There is a twitch sub discount and maybe something in the FAQ! I have been competing in Smash tournaments for over 10 years & coaching for over 8 years. I have beaten the best players in the world, won nationals, and made my mark on the scene as THE analytical pro player :) Probably the Ultimate/ Smash 4 player who has spent the longest time in the worldwide top 10, I've been around and seen just about everything! I've also been the best in the World at Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, I won the Kid Icarus Uprising Championships, & I won the only Injustice tournament I've ever entered. I main Rosalina & Olimar in Ultimate. I am also very good with Min Min. Palutena, the Pits, Sora, & Toon Link! However I can teach you to play ANY character (Except FGC characters) I can also provide consulting for game design as I've helped work on a few projects! :)


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GOAT Talk with MKLeo
10 Episodess 7h 29m

In this podcast hosted by the GOAT himself, MKLeo brings on the best guests in the game to talk Smash and share stories you could only hear from the best on the scene.

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Choose Your Main
6 Episodess 1h 23m

Weekly series from the King of NY himself, Dabuz, to help you pick the right main in SSBU.

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Olimar Deconstructed
16 Episodess 2h 47m

Unleash your inner cosmic conqueror as Dabuz reveals the hidden mastery of Olimar in the mind-blowing Deconstructed series!

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Rosalina Deconstructed
16 Episodess 5h 1m

A deep dive into what makes the character of Rosalina a unique and powerful choice in Smash.

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How To Win
15 Episodess 2h 8m

Dabuz is here to walk you through the best strategies for defeating every Smash character. Even Minecraft Steve. Photo by: Matt Schmucker

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