Hey I'm Dani, currently I am a coach on the G2 roster. I have been playing and competing in VALORANT ever since it came out. I hit radiant in the first ranked act 3 years ago and have been radiant since then while playing multiple roles all while hitting rank 1 multiple times and also ending top 5. For 2 years I competed as a player but last year I transitioned into a coach with my first team coaching being Sentinels, and now G2. How you can benefit from my coaching: - Learn how to perform on your role/agent - Improve your aim/finding your optimal aim style - Learn how to communicate effectively to your teammates - Find out how to play through a slump and getting out of it - Perform even when your aim doesn't feel 100% - Learn how to IGL - Learn about map control and how it works for defenders and attackers - Strategies that will work in any rank and know why they work - Pro analysis on your gameplay - How to carry on support agents I can help anyone whether you are iron or immortal. If you are hard stuck I can get you out - being good at VALORANT isn't genetics, it comes down to hard work and having the right knowledge. I will be straight to the point. Message me on discord if you have any questions: danival_

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