Hello buddies! I am Darky, a challenger professional player. Currently playing for Leões de Porto Salvo in LPLOL as a toplaner. I started playing league in season 1 just for fun and started to grow a lot of passion for the game throughout the years so I started playing professionally in 2021! Since then I was able to gather a lot of high competition experience and able to get some good achievements such as 1st place in Liga promessa Spring Split (2021), 2nd place in 2nd division LPLOL Spring Split (2022) and 1st place in LEA 1st split (2022). In addition to that, I was able to climb up to challenger as toplaner so I am here to make you do the same thing! I started playing Riven back in season 4 when I first started playing ranked and was placed in silver, over the years I was able to climb an entire rank per year (Gold 2015, Platinum 2016) until 2017, where I didnt really want to put enough time in the game to climb to higher elos because I just wanted to play for fun. So in 2020 I decided I wanted to push through my limits, I started watching pros and collect as much information I could to grow as a player and was able to get Diamond II in season 10. This was the hardest year for me in terms of improving as I was putting 8 hours a day+ trying to find the best way to improve and climb at the same time, which was not an easy job for me alone to do. However, in 2021 this started to pay off, I found out the best methods for me to improve and climb as a player, and without that much time put in the game, I was able to achieve Grandmaster and later in 2022 Challenger. So I intend to help those who want to improve faster and dont know how to find the information and/or how to use it in order to grow both in rank and as a player! - Being a coach isn't just about being good at the game, every student is different, some are new to the game, some have played a few years, those different ranks and problems (Both in the game and both mentally). So my job is to be versatile and able to make every student succeed and go beyond their dream ranks! -One of my strongest side of coaching is winning lanes, I love to win every lane and from there snowball with the resources that I can gather on each game, both as carry (Riven as example) and a suportive champion (Shen for example). -My coaching is also intended to make you improve alone after our coaching sessions as I will provide you methods to improve yourself faster than you would do alone. My goal is to continue improving until I win Worlds championship and until then, I'll be here to help you guys improve to another level!

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