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Hello buddies! I am Darky, a challenger professional player. Currently playing for Leões de Porto Salvo in LPLOL as a toplaner. I started playing league in season 1 just for fun and started to grow a lot of passion for the game throughout the years so I started playing professionally in 2021! Since then I was able to gather a lot of high competition experience and able to get some good achievements such as 1st place in Liga promessa Spring Split... Read more

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  • “Helped me put into practice the wave management tips from last time, and was very patient with how bad i was xD definitely worth the money”


  • “Great sesh overall, I got to get to know how to set the right runes for each laning fase and learn more about match ups”


  • “I have done one session with Darky so far and he gave me very clear list of things to work on as Shen. Lot of great stuff I learned! Will use again!”


  • “Great tutor gave me alot of helpful advice”


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Free introduction in which we will know each other better, understand your goals and struggles so we can figure out how to get your desired goals! You can also DM me on discord for some questions! Darky#2698