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Hello there is a quick bio about me and how I can help you. First of all I am gonna introduce myself, my career and my achievements. I've been playing competitively since almost 10 years now, from CS:GO to VALORANT. I played in the ESL Pro League, went to many LANs on CS:GO and played in VCT on VALORANT also I won all the Ignition Series (7 out of 7) the first year of the game, we were literally the best team in the world with G2. If you wanna ... Read more

Testimonials (2)

  • “Really gave me good insight on what it means to be a good controller, pointed out my wrongs and already won two games in a row as a controller with his tips!”

    bedig hovsepian

  • “Il m'a aidé à vérifier mes paramètres, explique calmement et clairement les choses à faire. Il a beaucoup d'expériences dans l'eSport c'est un point positif.”


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Live sessions

Meeting with you for the first time, you will be able to ask me any questions. We will also get to know each other, set goals for you, check your settings and setup.