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I am Coach DKbill. I have competed on and off in Super Smash Bros. since 2013 in every iteration of Smash you can think of. Outside of Smash, I am a professional Engineer, and practice logical thinking every day in each aspect of life. ⛔️ YOU HAVE THE SKILL WITHIN YOU ALREADY! My goal is to pinpoint exactly what you need to focus on to stop holding yourself back. EVERY player out of the 100s of students I have EVER coached has flawed areas in t... Read more

Testimonials (3)

  • “He is the real deal. No vague advice that leaves you in the dark confused. Very glad to have booked a session with him because I can see the growth very quickly”


  • “Would I recommend Dkbill and why ? He was patient,nice and quite fast to detect the problem in my gameplay. At the end of the sessions i had all the answers x).”


  • “Very detailed and very patient, DKbill told me exactly what to do, I learn a lot during the session. Even though my English is not good, I still understand well”


  • Available 11:00 PM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $15

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4 lessons

Live sessions

We play in an arena for an hour, and in between we discuss your play. I pinpoint exactly what you are doing wrong, and exactly what you need to do right instead. My coaching style is clear-cut, understandable and implementable. This direct guidance will steer you in the right direction, so all your practice moving forward will take you where you want to be 100x faster.
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$30.00 USD

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