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My name is Kyle, but you know me as Dragonmar. I'm a Professional Coach and Valorant Content Creator who Soloq'ed to Radiant with Controllers. Hitting Radiant was my goal, but I know MANY struggle to reach their own goals. My only goal now is to help YOU become the best player you can be. My coaching style is professional, but fun. I will hold you accountable for your mistakes, while also teaching you how to correct them. You will leave my coachi... Read more

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  • “My session with Dragonmar was amazing. He’s very professional and helped me realize the mistakes I was making. The notes he gave are a game changer. 10/10”

    Paulie Walnuts

  • “Very professional and makes learning fun. He's coached me a handful of times and each time he's pointed me in the right direction by showing me what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, and a whole plethora of other things I never would have considered in the past. I was hard-stuck Gold 3 for a long time and as of my last session with him I'm now Ascendant 1! If you're considering coaching from him I'd recommend a few things. Come in with an open mind. Don't be afraid to ask questions no matter how dumb you may think they are. The only dumb questions are the ones you don't ask. Last thing I'd recommend is make an effort to implement his teachings into all your games. It was hard for me at first because I essentially had to unlearn what I thought I knew in order to make room for the new things. I essentially had to get worse before I got better but from G3 to A1, I'm not complaining. I strongly recommend him as a coach above a lot of others out there. Not saying they were bad but Dragonmar's style I find to be the most professional and fun at the same time. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner otherwise I have none. Good luck guys!”


  • “Great Experience! I was having issues with awareness, decision making and keeping track of the big picture but after a couple sessions with Dragonmar I began to see my mistakes and slowly correct them! I was able to hit ascendant 3 solo Q because of this and aim to still get better! Dragonmar knows how to focus on different aspects of your game sense! He has helped me to turn the information in game to make better decisions and plays! Definitely recommend Him to anyone in any Rank to work on your mistakes and see what you can improve on!”


  • “This is my vod with dragonmar and he makes you feel every welcomed. When voding dragonmar makes every point very clear then ask if you have any question about it. This is like sooooo underpriced for the content your getting. Do i recommend it? 100%”


  • “Was able to point out the weaknesses in my gameplay which allowed me to focus on things I had not considered. Highly recommend his coaching and guidance.”


  • “Dragonmar was a perfect coach he pointed out my weakness and he taught me some important stuff”


  • “I was coached by Dragonmar for a month and ranked up from plat to high diamond and now ascendant, the tips and lessons he gives you will allow you to rank up if you put in the work!”


  • “Nothing but good things to say. Dragonmar is always in a good mood, and always on time. Very responsive even if you don't have a session booked. A good well rounded coach, not focused on anything in particular, and is willing to make the call and ask you to play something specific to see if that role is right for you. I would highly recommend meeting once a week.”


  • “I found Dragonmar on youtube, and I was looking for a coach at the time. I got scheduled within a timely manner and started on time for our vod-review. I had never done personal coaching before, so I didn't know what to expect. He was very constructive but not demeaning, and I learned a lot from our session. I got a vod reviewed on bind, and now it is by far my best map. I would strongly recommend Dragonmar.”


  • “Honestly a great experience, he;s super chill and gives great notes. Very straightforward about what you can do to improve”

    Simp for Jollz

  • “I did a coaching session with Dragonmar and when I first did his coaching session, which was live on his Twitch, I was around G1 15rr and I was hard stuck. Although for the game I played, I was not playing my main agent, he was still able to give me some really good advice. Around 3 months after my session with him I had double ranked up from G3 to P2. Now, around 6 months after the session, I have hit D1. Along the way, a lot of the advice that he gave me has really came to help. I do really recommend his coaching sessions if you are trying to rank up and/or improve.”


  • “I reached out to Dragonmar for coaching when I was a hardstuck Gold 3 player. Within a month, I had ranked up all the way to Diamond. Dragonmar is a really great guy and does an awesome job of making you feel comfortable right away. During our session he quickly noticed the flaws in my game and came up with appropriate solutions. Along with this, he suggested plays and strategies I could take into my matches to take advantage of my strengths and personal play style. The one-on-one time was very valuable but his summary, notes, and personal improvement plan that he makes for you are truly exceptional. Dragonmar is one of those coaches that coaches each individual person to their specific needs, and really cares about how you do after your session. Whether you're someone who has never been coached before or someone who has, Dragonmar will find a way to help you.”


  • “Dragonmar is a well-prepared coach who keenly understands every role in Valorant. When I began coaching with him, my agent identity was a complete mess, and it was clear from the mechanical confusion and lack of understanding during my games. Also, he provides a clear plan on how to improve on each part of my game. His grading system made it easy to deliberately practice specific issues that have the biggest negative influence on my performance. When I began working with Dragonmar I was low gold or high silver. At the time of writing, I am now Ascendant. Here's proof of my climb: https://tracker.gg/valorant/profile/riot/BIGGINS%23na1/overview Highly recommended!”


  • “I had my first session with Dragonmar and I was plat 3 after only one coaching session, he was able to point out my errors and clearly explained why I was punished for them. It could have taken me months to realize these mistakes but I was able to start working towards fixing these mistakes in only a week! I hit diamond one a few days after our coaching session and I would definitely recommend Dragonmar to anyone.”


  • “Extremely professional and clearly explained everything. He pointed out errors that I would not have considered important beforehand. Went over my vods piece by piece, making sure I understood my error before moving along. Overall, a fantastic instructor who is well worth the investment if you believe you need it.”


  • “Honestly one of the best coaching sessions i've had. He did a good job informing of me of my mistakes in a way I would understand and his success plans are great and can really be used for longterm improvement. 10/10 recommend and I am planning to purchase again.”

    Timothy Whitt

  • “I got my first Session with coach dragonmar around 3-4 months ago when I was plat 1 ritght my act rank is ascendant 2. Dragonmars sessions are very good for fast improvement because he points out every important point that needs to be improved. The reason why I would pick Dragonmar over any other coach is his experience. When you are in a session with him you gonna notice that he knows what to do and he will always find the best way to help you.”


  • “Dragonmar is a great coach who helped me to rank up from plat to ascendant last summer. He does a great job of highlighting what is working well with your playstyle, and what needs some work, and he gives you tangible things to work on. No two sessions focused on the exact same issues, once I improved in one aspect he found something else to work on, so the sessions never became stale and I was always had something new to focus on. One of the big benefits I found from Dragonmar's coaching is the flexibility and positivity that he brings to each session. Obviously his job is to find issues that you're making, but if you make a good play he'll point it out and encourage you to keep doing that, and he is never too difficult when it comes to any issues, overall creating an environment where I want to keep coming back.”


  • “Coaching with Dragnomar has helped me improve significantly. I always joked with my teams that I was the designated bottom frag. Now I know what match and team MVP feels like. I am an aging gamer (4 7) just looking to keep up with my kid, and have limited time. Dragonmar helped me come up with strategies to maximize my time and improve despite a busy life. This act my win rate is currently over 70% and I went from iron 2 or 3 to bronze 2 one game off from bronze 3, and hard or soft carry when I queue up for comp nearly every time. I was so impressed with Dragonmar's coaching that I also book him for coaching for my son as well. I highly recommend giving Dragonmar a try, as I have had success that I could not achieve foundering through youtube videos or redit "expert's" advice. Coaching is tailored to your own game play, highlighting your mistakes, and suggesting strategies for improvement. A perfect partner for self improvement.”


  • “A wonderfully detailed and relaxed experience every single time. Dragonmar has a keen eye, and is able to pinpoint the most impactful problems in your gameplay quickly. He will give insight into these obstacles with a positive yet stern style, that makes you strive for improvement while also not feeling stumped by your newly uncovered deficiencies. The more he is able to meet up with you, the more he can get a feel for the kind of player you are. He is truly able to use this familiarity to it's fullest extend and quickly start forming you into the star player you were meant to be. His experience and skill shines the most as a Controller expert but is extremely proficient in every part of the game. Truly the best of the best coaching for all kinds of players.”


  • “Dragonmar does a really great job of going over every aspect of your gameplay and explaining both the pros and cons of your playstyle and your decision-making. He walks with you through every round, asking what your thought process was and giving general tips such as how to peek angles, when to take a fight versus regroup, and overall map awareness during a round. Overall, his coaching has helped build better game sense and decision-making during each round. I have seen much improvement in how I approach the game and especially in isolating fights to clutch rounds since received his coaching.”


  • “First of all, he is VERRY professional. He gets to know a bit about your playstyle while also getting to the point. He reviewed my goals and says he will cater toward those goals.”


  • “I just had a intro session. He seems really nice and professional I'm probably gonna book him. He said he takes notes on what you should work on. Book him!”

    Icyy Puma

  • Available 1:00 PM Friday
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