My name is Diamond AKA "Dymund" or "Dy" and I coach Rocket League to the highest degree. Let's keep it short and simple. You're not here to read a novel. Here are the main things you should know about me as a coach in bullet format. - I have over 6 years of Rocket League experience and 4+ years of coaching experience. - I have coached hundreds of individual students from Fiverr and Metafy combined. The number is continuously growing! - I incorporate my personal experience as an FC Dallas academy soccer player into my coaching style - I create acronyms, graphics, and other general visuals to guide you through the learning process. - No matter your rank I will always find something for you to improve on or break the habit of. - I'm not just a replay analyst. I'm your mentor. I won't throw you away once our session is over. Expect follow-up DMs free of cost! - I guarantee your success or your money back! More about me: - I am 24 years old (July 27th, 1999) - I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer and Information Science - I work part-time at an Esports Lounge where I coach other Esports titles such as Fortnite & Super Smash Bros Ultimate - I have played soccer at the premiere level playing on teams such as FC Dallas and FC Tucson. - I have experience as an Air Traffic Controller for the United States Air Force (5 years; I am now a Veteran) - I play the piano - I love the Zelda and Metal Gear Solid series. - I'm married, own a house, and am a proud cat Dad of 3 - I occasionally stream to Twitch and make YouTube/TikTok content - I can play other esports titles competitively, but I enjoy Rocket League the most since it resembles an actual sport.

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Live 1:1 sessions are calls with the expert during which they share their wisdom with you as you play.

Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League

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1 on 1 session with me for 1 hour. Share your concerns, and I'll help you solve and master them. This session combines lessons from "Coach Earpiece" and "Replay Reviews" for a complete learning experience.
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