Hi I am Joe, I have been playing games competitively for a very long time. I started out in WoW and moved to LoL/CSGO and Dota2 but eventually found myself back to playing WoW again. I always seem to find myself in a leadership role, GM or RL in WoW, team captain in LoL/Dota 2 and IGL for my CSGO teams. With that role I have taken teams to the top or at least higher than the avg ranking. You can find me at the social links listed here, I stream all my wow raids on Twitch and upload all my boss kills to my Youtube channel. CSGO I am IGL/Support and sit in GE for MM, rank 10 on faceit and used to be A+ ESEA before pugs died there. Lead a team from Open to Main Playoffs, finishing top 8 in IM playoffs and winning prize money. Dota 2 I am a Hard Support or pos 5 player and although I have not lead a team in a tournament for Dota I still climbed to Immortal playing this role in solo queue match making. Any dota player knows getting to Immortal is hard enough but doing it as a pos 5 adds that little bit extra. Let me show you what position attitude and good support gameplay can do for a team. WoW I played as kid and quit in college for the other games listed above but I have returned and quickly went from a nobody at the end of BFA to a top US guild that gets HoF each tier and pushes M+ for high IO scores. That being said I play Boomkin and primarily put all my effort into that one spec and want to share what I have done with others to help them achieve the same.

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