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Hey everyone, I'm Egaz and I am a Professional Coach for Smash Ultimate! I started playing smash in 2015 and coaching in 2017 after taking lessons for a year, i decided to get involved with coaching because it was interesting and since then i have developed my own skills and learned a myriad of techniques to help people improve at any level. I have coached a number of players over the years such as; Sonix, Toast, Ravenking, Powpow, Dany, Mopn, ... Read more

  • Available 7:00 PM Saturday
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

7 lessons

Live sessions

We will spend the time in this lesson going through your vods(the more recent the better!) going through your thought process, things you did well, things you can improve on, and just general overarching fundamentals and decision making that may need to be touched up on!
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$25.00 USD

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