I have been playing CS since 2017, and started playing pro in 2019 with Turkey5 alongside players such as paz, ngin, imoRR, and coach hardstyle. After that team I competed regionally in the Benelux for about a year, then I had to call it quits for ~10 months to finish school(which I did, thank God!). I'm now looking to come back and join a team again but meanwhile as I wait for the right opportunity I'm looking to coach players that are serious and trying to improve. If you're interested in my experience you can find a list of achievements at the end of this text. You've probably seen me on TikTok. Besides coaching I've also been doing educational content on YouTube, Twitch and TikTok. I've amassed about roughly 20k followers in the past year across various social channels, and I'm looking to help fellow CS players improve on a more personal level. In our sessions we'd most likely just do a 1 on 1 live review. What this means is that I will download your game and share my screen, and we'll look at your POV. I point out all the mistakes you make and how to make sure these mistakes don't repeat. To keep it simple that's basically the gist of it. In my tenure as a professional player I have played every single role. Most of my playing time I have been an anchor player and hard entry on the T side, but I also have awped for one season. During my last couple of months in LowLandLions I played as a lurk on the T side and most recently I have been the IGL and more of a supportive element. I have also played every single position on every single map, so not only do I understand a lot of the macro perspective of the game, I'm really good in the micro as well. There are probably not many coaches on this platform with the same amount of experience and versatility as me, and that's why I will provide an excellent service. If you're still uncertain you can add me on Discord and ask me any questions you'd like. My username on Discord is ''eneshan''. Experience ESL Pro League S9 Relegations 4x ESEA Advanced NumberOne Season 1 Champion ESA Supremes Vestel Cup 2021 - 2nd Kayzr League Spring 2021 - 3-4th ESL Benelux Summer 2021 - 2nd ESL Benelux Spring 2023 - 3rd One Tap League 2020 - 3rd ESL Benelux Championship Winter 2020 - 2nd ESL Benelux Championship Summer 2020 - 2nd Kayzr League Spring 2020 - 2nd MSI MGA 2019 Closed Qualifier 3-4th

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We'll watch a couple of games together live as I'll share your POV on Discord. Back and forth feedback as we're watching the rounds in real time, and we're mostly going to talk about your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve best.

1 Session 1 hour
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I will watch your game, give you feedback as I'm watching the game and upload this recording unlisted to YouTube after which I will send it to you for you to watch in your desired pace.

1 Session 1 hour

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