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Hello there! I'm Ethan, an experienced Rocket League advocate with over 9000 hours playtime and 3 years coaching experience. If you'd like to identify and minimise mistakes, have a thorough understanding of Rocket League, and more importantly climb the ranked ladder, then you've come to the right place! Currently Rocket League coaching is my main focus, but previously studied Criminology, Policing and Investigation at university. I started Roc... Read more

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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To start off the session, we will have a chat for me to understand what you would like to accomplish from Rocket League, the level you feel you are at, and the positives and negatives of your gameplay from your perspective. We then will transition into reviewing a replay of yourself (being on console may be an issue, so be aware of that before you purchase my sessions!). I wi... Read more
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