SSL Semi-Pro Rocket League Coach



Hello! I am Kian (aka Evolve) I am an 18 year old supersonic legend rocket league player with approximately 4500 hours in the game. I have top level coaching experience, coaching previous RLRS team Wind And Rain and completing previous 1:1 coaching sessions on alternative platforms. Through combining both an extensive understanding of competitive rocket league, and an in-progress degree in psychology, I can provide analysis on what mistakes you ... Read more

  • Available 8:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $23.1


Rocket League

Rocket League

2 lessons

Live sessions

A one hour time period in which the majority is spent analysing your provided replays to dissect both your positives and negatives throughout a game, and what you will need to work on in order to improve. Must be okay with potentially having your coaching session whilst I am streaming on twitch. Provide 2-3 replays of recent, preferably games with a close score line.


$23.10 USD

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