At the moment I play for Tribe Gaming and we got 3rd at 2021 World Championship. That’s also why I have a lot of knowledge about the current meta and how it’s devoloping. Additionally I really like to build bases and it’s a very cool feeling to see your own base defending. Being a basebuilder also helps me to find the weak part of a base and work around it while attacking. If you unterstand how people are trying to defend you then you can use this information to get three stars anyway. My favourite attack strategy is the Queen Charge. It’s always fascinating how much value you can get just from the heroes. However, I still have a lot of experience with any other strategy and know the strengths and weaknesses. That’s why I can help you efficiently to improve your skills soon! Next to Clash I am studying Business in Germany. When I am not playing Clash of clans I love it to travel the World, meet new people and doing sports. I am also a big football fan. My favourite team is TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Maybe at least some of you know them :) I hope I’ll meet you soon in a video! Cheers Exco


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Tournament Attacks
11 Episodess 1h 55m

Welcome to the ultimate Clash of Clans course that will show you EXACTLY what the pro players are thinking and how they break down their attacks for you to replicate it in your own game.

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Base Building
28 Episodess 4h 29m

Becoming a truly great base builder is a feat not many players can say they have achieved. This is why this class brings you the best and most advanced tips from PRO players who compete in tournaments for hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to give you the secrets you need to optimize your base to the fullest.

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Legend League
32 Episodess 5h 59m

When you only have 8 attacks a day you need to make sure every single one of them counts. Stop going even or losing trophies and learn how the best players in the world successfully get to the top of the leaderboard each season. Master all the base types & how to optimise your attack strategy to the fullest.

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Attack Strategies
23 Episodess 4h 4m

STOP FAILING 3 STAR ATTACKS. With this class, you will never have to worry about missing another attack again. Once you start this class, 3-starring will become incredibly EASY. Excosist teaches you how to decide what strategy to use against which base and how to flawlessly execute to perfection.

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Attacking Mechanics
25 Episodess 4h 47m

Start making extraordinary attacks that always lead to successful attacks at all TH levels. Master all of the intricate mechanics that create a 3-star masterpiece and become the superstar in your clan. Everything you need to know in one ultra-modern masterclass by Fluxxy, a world championship contender and top-level player.