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I am currently the coach for Ghost Gaming and we are ranked 7th in North America at the moment. the current team under Ghost that I am coaching is LionBlaze, Shock, and Roll Dizz. I have about 3 years of experience doing 1 on 1 coaching at all of the ranks from bronze to SSL. Along with that I have been playing Rocket League for 6 years, also achieving SSL in 2s and 3s myself. I have a very unique way of handling my sessions and I would love to ... Read more

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I will then ask you multiple questions about you and your Rocket League experiences to help me understand where you are at and what I need to work on with you as well to answer any questions you have for me. I will also need a replay of one of your games. I need a replay where you play at your average (Not where you do really good or really bad). I will work with you on how to... Read more
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