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My name is Sean but you can call me Fang if you'd like! I'm a high level Ness player and commentator based out of New York and have been in the Smash community since 2015! I have a huge passion for Smash as a whole and love helping people improve whether it's in competing, casting, or even editing! When I review your sets, I'll be commentating over your gameplay and will be making note of what you're doing well, and what you could be doing bette... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4 lessons

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This is similar to the basic Smash 1-on-1 live session, but this revolves around improving on commentary! If you aren't sure what to book and want a more direct, hands-on form of trying to improve and get better, I recommend this session! We will be speaking over discord while playing online in order to help you improve in a hands-on manor. This includes studying matchups, ans... Read more
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