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Hello! My name is Miguel "FearlessS" Santos, I am a Master tier player turned coach since 2018. During this time my teams won multiple titles, including 3 Spanish Championships, 2 Iberian Cups (Spain + Portugal) and 1 Portuguese Championship, I also got awarded Coach of the Split in 2019. Most of my career was in Giants, one of the biggest and most established organizations in Europe. I got to experience competition at the highest level, to work ... Read more

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  • “Great expierience, very productive for me. He helped my fix my issue with easy to understand ideas and showed my a few examples of how it should work legend”


  • “Very good coaching, helped me a lot ingame and outside of the game, such as habits and checklists. Recommended”


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Getting to know each other, feel free to ask me anything and/or show me a VOD to get a sample of what it is to work with me.



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