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Hi, I'm flc. I'm a Splatoon 2 coach and analyst from Australia. I've coached and advised players and teams at all skill levels, from beginners to the very best. Whether you're looking... Read more



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Splatoon 2


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Live sessions


Why should I get a session with you?

Can I record my screen with my phone/webcam for a VoD review? What about Twitter clips?

Is it OK if I have my voice/team voice/etc. in the VoD? Do I need audio in the VoD at all?

Can I send you recordings of my Twitch stream to review? / How should I encode my videos for review?

When and where should I upload my videos?

What happens if I don't send my videos/questions/other resources in advance? Why do you make a fuss about preparation time?

How do you set your prices? Are they likely to change?

Can I still ask game-related questions for free?

When and where will the recording of my session be available?

How can I send my SplatNet stats to you?

Can I have other people join the Discord call for individual sessions?

Why is there no cheaper option for team vod reviews?

Not available for booking

flc is currently unavailable for coaching.