I'm an accomplished TCG player as well as an award-winning musician, teacher, and software developer. With three Regional wins and countless top finishes, you will be hard pressed to find another coach as skilled and competitive yet articulate and down-to-earth. Let's work together to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, be it building a solid deck, placing at a Regional tournament, or earning an invitation to the World Championships. Through lessons, I can offer unique insight into high level competitive play as well as how to train the mental aspect of your game.

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PTCGL Gameplay

Use our time together to play a few games against me or on the ladder. I will offer suggestions throughout and send you a recording of our time together for you to review at your leisure (recordings available for Master players only). We will play our games exclusively on PTCG Live! If you do not have a Live account, please message me for help setting one up. For the best experience, be able to share your screen so I can observe and discuss your plays.

1 Session 1 hour
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Miraidon Masterclass - NAIC

A masterclass designed to get you up to speed on Miraidon in the Twilight Masquerade format. This is a recording and NOT a live session *Please send me your email address so I can forward you the video and slideslow*

2 Sessions 2 hours

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