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Hello! My name is Eric "Forgiving" Kaufman, I am a Overwatch coach and streamer/youtuber. I've been playing Overwatch since the official launch and have been grandmaster/top 500 constantly since season 1. I played on xbox seasons 1-4 so I have a understanding on how Overwatch plays on console compared to PC. My peak sr is 4600 which was before role q, I play all 3 roles at a top 500 level so I'm capable of coaching all heroes in Overwatch. I'm ex... Read more


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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

3 lessons

Live sessions

Hour long session, able to cover 1-2 replays or 3-4 ranked games on average. We will go over positioning, ability usage, ult tracking, aim, movement, team compositions, settings, and mindset. Students may ask me as many questions as they please via Discord.
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