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Hi I'm Frenzy, a beginner friendly coach that loves to help out new and developing players! Over the past 3 years I have coached over 100 students from picking up the controller to competing at major tournaments. Whether you're a new player that's looking to get into Melee, or someone that's played for a couple of years and wants to step their game up, I'm the best choice to help you on your journey. I truly believe that with the right guidance, ... Read more

Testimonials (13)

  • “Frenzy was a great coach, explaining concepts succinctly and asking questions to test for understanding, as well as tying them back to situations in game”


  • “goated netplay broadcast session, really good at making sure i stayed calm while explaining my weaknesses/bad habits. Very easy to talk to and pretty chill dude.”


  • “Frenzy was great at listening and quickly pinpointing the things I need to work on explained in a very digestible and comprehensible way. 10/10 recommended!”


  • “Got some awesome gameplay feedback from Frenzy after just one VOD review. Gonna work on what he suggested and come back for more soon :-)”


  • “Frenzy really tries his best to offer helpful and constructive criticism and advice. Nothing bad to note. Definitely good advice.”


  • “Frenzy was a pleasure to work with, approachably explaining difficult concepts and always quickly meeting me where I was at in understanding.”


  • “Frenzy was incredibly knowledgeable and generous with his time. Will book again!”


  • “Very helpful, and calm. Simplified what I needed to work on.”


  • “Frenzy was very straightforward, open to discuss ideas, and knowledgeable about so many different situations I hadn't even thought of. Excellent coach!”


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Not sure whether to bite the bullet and get coaching? Feel free to book in a free consultation with me and we can discuss your goals with the game, and what path I think would be best for you!



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