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I'm in the bathroom of a Chipotle fighting for my fucking life rn. There's no toilet paper so I may as well take the time to make this metafy profile. Ever had a crush who was already taken? Want to know why he or she is with someone else and NOT you. It's because their BF/GF took the patented FRUITLOOPS METAFY. Not only will you become PHYSICALLY more attractive by taking my Metafy by default, you also get to basically feel good about yoursel... Read more


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4 lessons

Live sessions

I have absolutely 0 qualifications to be a therapist I just like hearing people complain about shit in vc. The 5$ fee is to make sure that if someone were to hypothetically add me on discord and send me fucking Sonic Porn it would at least come at a price to pay for my own Therapy.


$5.00 USD

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