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I am a professional Pokemon TCG player and judge. I have been playing Pokemon competitively since Fall of 2015. In that time, I have qualified for the World Championships 4 times, qualified for 3 Player's Cup Regional Qualifiers, won the US National Championship my first year of playing, and have multiple Regionals and Internationals day 2 finishes. I currently work as a Substitute Teacher and am pursuing an Elementary Education Degree and a Secondary Math endorsement.

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1-on-1 Live Session

Work on deckbuilding, sequencing, meta-discussion, and gameplay.

1 Session 1 hour
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Replay Review

Send in a video of you playing one or multiple matches, and I will give an in-depth analysis of you (and your opponent's) play to help with sequencing and how to play your deck optimally including turn one goals, counterplay, etc. Each individual game is $10.

1 Session 1 hour

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