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My name is Jullian, but please call me Gator! I've been a Coach for 4 years now and am currently the coach for St. Ambrose University. I am a former top 1000 player with 6 years of high-level gameplay who became a coach to show people how to play this game PROPERLY 😂. Coaching is my passion and I want you to take advantage of that. I may not have all the achievements that some of the other coaches have, but you won't find another more dedicate... Read more

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Rocket League

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Just like my 1 on 1's, I will ask your team for a Replay file but for a team, I will more than likely ask for a set of replays to go over. Before we get into it I will ask for some Background on the team Such as Playstyles, mental states, and whatever else I feel I need to know. I will also ask your team about what areas you want me to focus on before going in, if you have any!
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