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I am Gavin Thompson-Exner, or AlphaFrog if you play mtgo. I am a member of the 2022 Magic Pro League after finishing on the bubble to miss a Worlds invite in both the Challenger and Rivals Gauntlets. I am a master of Draft and Sealed, and one of the best Midrange gamers in the world. I've been coaching MTG for a few years. I provide draft fundamentals, log reviews, deck techs, archetype guides, as well as live coaching for both Limited and Const... Read more

  • Available 2:30 AM Tomorrow
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Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena

3 lessons

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We will look over the current metagame, examine your options, and determine what the best choice is for your tournament. I can also provide a "crash course" to teach you how to pilot any deck.
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Magic: The Gathering Online

Magic: The Gathering Online

2 lessons

Live sessions

Replay reviews