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Hey homies my name is Gameface and I have been PC gaming for over 20 years! I started taking gaming seriously with CSGO after hitting Global Elite. I played in ESEA / CEVO / FACEIT leagues as well as competing in a couple of local LANs before moving over to Valorant. We hit Radiant in Episode 1 of Valorant and have been Radiant every Act since then (with multiple top 100 leaderboard finishes). Its not only CSGO and Valorant that we have achieved ... Read more

Testimonials (4)

  • “Very educational, picked out what I was already thinking I needed to improve without me having to say it”

    Michael Carroll

  • “Jon is super patient and is dedicated to doing excelent coaching by making his students feel comfortable to ask questions throughout the entire process”

    Lex Victoria

  • “Before the session i was really nervous about it, but GGameface really made me feel at ease as soon as i booted up my game. As soon as we started he already noticed i should improve my crosshair placement just a little bit which helped me the rest of the session for sure. The way he gives advice made me not feel bad about myself either which again helped me feel more at ease.”


  • Available 4:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $45

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This will be a live coaching session where you will stream your game in discord ( with Gameface and we will look for main factors to focus and improve on. (This will also be streamed live on and we will be able to highlight the section for you to always look back at)
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